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marketing and communication for your success

we focus on strategies and solutions in the areas of online communication and online branding. we design 360° multichannel campaigns, develop and program websites with targeted content management and, if required, complex shop solutions. our team communicates continuously with relevant target groups via social media channels with creative concepts. 


among other things bernd bieber was in a managerial position for 20 years, as managing director/ceo in advertising agencies within the wpp group / grey global group and was responsible for many "premium brands" that occupy a leading position in their industry segment. Today, we also bring the expertise from many years of support for nationally and internationally known brands and large companies to medium-sized and smaller companies.

we see ourselves as apartner for management or marketing in companies that want to develop and profile their branding, their marketing strategy and their online and offline communications holistically, e.g. as part of a repositioning of the brand, or in the course of the introduction of new products, or with the adjustment of measures in customer and target group marketing.

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