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services: Dienstleistungen

online marketing & digital services

  • online strategies, online campaigns

  • consulting, conception and realization of internet appearances - websites

  • web design, programming and cms system solutions, shop solutions

  • content marketing

  • seo/mobile marketing

  • email marketing; Newsletter

  • reputation management

branding online and offline

  • design concepts, brand design, brand design

  • 360° multichannel campaigns

  • online branding

  • digital marketing & services

  • brand management, brand strategies

  • visual appearances

  • brand signals - sound branding

  • brand guidelines

  • brand architecture

brand strategy & consulting

  • strategy & consulting in the areas of marketing, branding, communication, sales

  • strategic consulting, planning and concepts for agencies - business development

  • market/ target group research – research, target group surveys

  • analyses, potentials, swot

communication services

  • communication concepts online and offline

  • networked multi-channel communication

  • media strategies online and offline

  • market and target group optimized communication strategies

  • communication measures internally and externally

  • target group marketing - btoc and btob

campaign & project management

  • project control and implementation of measures

  • campaign management and customer acquisition

  • briefings and budget planning

  • supplier management

  • controlling and monitoring

social media & pr & events

  • social media and pr strategies

  • social services

  • social content

  • influencer relations

  • events & locations

photo & video shootings

  • planning and promotion of national and international photo and film shootings

  • location scouting, detailed planning

  • references for renowned companies

full service agency

  • multi-channel campaigns

  • flexible organization in every project phase

  • resource planning

  • project management

coaching & training

  • mediation & moderation - workshops

  • agency coaching

  • creative and idea management for agencies

  • personal coaching/development – employee/team training

interim management

  • takeover/outsourcing of marketing tasks

  • in-house management of marketing departments  

  • workflow coaching  for agencies

  • campaign control 


We act as…
…agency with a focus on digital services, online and offline branding, 360° multichannel communication strategies 
…creatives, designers, idea developers and inspirers
...Management consultancy with a focus on strategy, marketing BtoC/BtoB and with an independent view of the essentials



creative management


Brand Design - Brand Management


content  & shop systems

services: Projekte
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